Welcome to High Country Leather
Thanks for visiting us here in beautiful Ouray Colorado.  We are just begining to create our web page to showcase our products.  We specialize in high quality fashions that are both attractive and functional.  We select the best quality apparel available.  Here is a partial list of our products:

     Brighton - Belts, Jewelry, Purses, Accessories
     Filson - Outerwear, Luggage, Travel Gear
     Stetson - Hats
     Scully - Womens Jackets
     Birkenstock - footwear (not just sandals!)
     Vasque - Boots
     Elope - Fun Headgear
     Ameribag - Healthy Pack Purses
     Fox River - Wool and Cotton Socks
     Minnetonka - Moccasins
     Leegin - Belts, Accessories
     Frye - Handbags
     Geier - Gloves
     Shady Brady - Crushable Straw Hats
     Dorfman Pacific - Cloth and Straw Hats
     True Grit - Men's and Women's Shirts
     Moose Creek Men's and Womens Shirts
     Tula - Palm Hats
     McCarthey Leather - Biker Wear
     Victoria Leather - Handbags, Wallets
     Ellington Rucksack - Leather Bags, Purses
     Siskiyou Buckle - Belt Buckles
     Bloom Brothers - Beaded Belts
     Bugatti - Fanny Packs
     Country Crafts - Wallets, Purses, Packs
     Taos Moccasins - Moccasins
     Wolverine - Hush Puppies
     Latico - Handbags
     Unik - Leather Jackets, Biker Wear
     Capo Joe - Hair Barretts
     Rico - Wallets
     Cripple Creek - Jackets
     Sante Fe Leather - Belts
     Sickafus Sheepskin - Sheepskins
     Henschel Hats - Hats
     Ardney Sheepskins - Sheepskin Slippers
     Erda - Handbags
     Bowron - Sheepskin Slippers
     Jacobson Hat Co. - Hats
     Peter Grimm - Hats
     Old Toledo Brands - Jeep Brand T-Shirts and Hats
     Eddy Hat Co. - Hats
     Oberon - Wallets, Coin Purses
     Atwood Hats - Hats
     B. C. Hats - Hats 
We also select quality leather products from small companies that provide the best workmanship at affordable prices.

This site is under construction so please contact us for more information.

High Country Leather
720 Main Street
PO Box 1822
Ouray CO 81427
(970) 325-4239
Kathy kathyc@highcountryleather.com